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Journee Bees Village was established in response to the growing number of families in our community experiencing economic distress due to decades of generational poverty. Our comprehensive service model is based on research collected on poverty and wellness, and focuses on addressing the social determinants of health that negatively impact communities of color.

Our approach to service delivery is integrative and holistic, encompassing all aspects of individual, family, and community wellness. We believe that by addressing the root causes of poverty and working collaboratively with our community partners, we can make a significant impact in breaking the cycle of generational poverty in Forsyth County, NC.

What's In A Name

Journee is the unique spelling of journey. A journey is an individual's passage from one place to another. 


Bees pay homage to the bee colony. Bees symbolize community and productivity. Bees are known for their remarkable sense of community and productivity within their colony, paying homage to their queen and working together to ensure the survival and success of their hive.


Community is coming together as a global team, understanding the purposes of individuals and creating environments for success. Community can be seen as a global team coming together, understanding the unique purposes and strengths of individuals, and creating supportive environments for everyone to thrive.


Productivity is working in unison to complete a common goal. Productivity is achieved when individuals work in harmony towards a shared goal, utilizing their unique skills and strengths to maximize their collective impact.


As temporary inhabitants of this earth, it is our responsibility to recognize and fulfill our specific purposes, while also ensuring that we prioritize the well-being of our planet and create conditions that allow all living beings to thrive.


Promote strategic goals to help individuals overcome personal and systemic barriers by developing long-term, comprehensive strategies that cultivate mindfulness as a key tool for personal growth and transformation.


Foster a global community of individuals with sustainable goals and purposes, empowering them to achieve wellness, financial stability, strong family relationships, and succeed socially, while avoiding the negative impacts of generational poverty.

Meet The Team

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