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Mindful Origins


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The Mindful Origins program is a mindfulness meditation program designed specifically for BIPOC teens and young adults. The program provides a safe and inclusive space for teens and young adults of color to learn and practice mindfulness techniques that are relevant to their cultural identities.


The program acknowledges the unique challenges and experiences that BIPOC teens and young adults may face and aims to equip them with mindfulness tools to improve their mental health and overall well-being.

The Mindful Origins program teaches teens how to identify conflicts and emotions that arise during conflicts, and guides the teens and young adults through different meditation techniques, including deep breathing exercises and visualization techniques, to help them stay calm and centered during conflicts.

 The program provides resources and tools for self-care and stress management, as well as opportunities for community building and networking with other teens and young adults of color.




Emergence serves young men between the ages of 16-25 and their families. Applicants must be justice involved, reside in an economically distressed area, or an unaccompanied homeless youth. Individuals will enroll in an education program (certificate, 2-year or 4-year program) and receive intensive wrap around services tailored to create paths to success.

Organizing For The Future


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The health and wellness of a community is vital to ensure its ability to evolve and thrive. Citizens who live in low-income areas are often disenfranchised within their own communities and powerless to engage in developing potential solutions to enhance the health, wellness and safety of their communities.


Organizing for the Future creates partnerships with disadvantaged communities while helping with organizing strategies, resource connection and support to help communities synchronize resources to effectively reduce crime, build social equity, access resources and services.​

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