In 2016, 23% of males in Winston-Salem, NC were living in poverty. Women experienced poverty at 25.4%.

Poverty Level in Winston-Salem Source: 

U.S. Census Bureau- American Fact Finder

What Does the Data Show


Individuals who seek services from Journee Bees Village are considered members of the organization. They will be vested in the organization and their future. They will have an opportunity to participate on Journee Bees Village Advisory Council and will be able to access the services of the organization.


  1. Must be a resident of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County.

  2. Receive a household income less than 185% of the U.S. Poverty Income Guidelines. If your household qualifies for Medicaid, Work First, or Food Stamp services you automatically meet the income requirements.

  3. Willing to complete a needs assessment and work with a Life Strategy Navigator on completing structured goals and increasing earned income.

  4. Willing to enroll in a post-secondary education or certification program (GED and/or literacy assistance will be available)

  5. Willing to participate in financial and life strategy intensive courses


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