Organizing for the Future

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​The health and wellness of a community is vital to ensure its ability to evolve and thrive. Citizens who live in low-income areas are often disenfranchised within their own communities and powerless to engage in developing potential solutions to enhance the health, wellness and safety of their communities.


Organizing for the Future creates partnerships with disadvantaged communities while helping with organizing strategies, resource connection and support to help communities synchronize resources to effectively reduce crime, build social equity, access resources and services.

Journee Bees Village's Member Advisory Council was created to encourage members to take an active approach in building economic and resource equity within their communities. The Member Advisory council is an outreach service provided to the community and led by members of Journee Bees Village. Journee Bees Village’s staff will assist members with arranging and facilitating each meeting (space, supplies, guest speakers, etc..) Council meetings will provide valuable insight into the needs of various communities within Winston-Salem/Forsyth County

·    Community Outreach Events

·    Resource Navigation Workshops/Seminars

·    Community Engagement Opportunities

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