Relief Fund

Eligibility & Application



People of color and/or individuals living in economically distressed communities who are:


  1. Current residents of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County

  2. Experiencing a loss of household income (unemployment, furloughed, or decreased work hours) due to COVID-19 


Available financial and resource assistance: rent, mortgage, utilities, medication cost or copay, food, transportation, and groceries


Max: Up to $300 per household- Contact traditional emergency assistance programs prior to completing the application below (Crisis Control, The Salvation Army, Sunnyside Ministries, Forsyth County DSS Crisis Intervention Program)

*Unmet needs will be supplemented with additional resources within Winston-Salem/Forsyth County*

Required Documentation


  1. Picture ID

  2. Proof of Crisis (late notice, eviction, disconnection notice, medication cost or copay) 

  3. Proof of Income (unemployment application submission, food stamp application submission, paystubs, letter from employer)

Application for Assistance
All fields must be completed before the form can submitted. We will contact you within 24 hour to provide you with the status of your application.
Has any member of your household experienced a loss of inome due to the COVID-19 crisis?
Are you or any member of you household receiving government assistance or benefits? (Select all that apply)
If you checked none of the above, have you applied for any of these services?
Do you need additional assistane? If yes, please check all that apply:
Would you like information or assistance with additional resources within Winston-Salem/Forsyth County?

Thank You

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